Annealsys PID technology uses fast PID temperature controller

The temperature control of an RTP furnace is pretty complicated because of many parameters and non linearity of these parameters.

The main parameters that impact the temperature control are:
  • Response time of the temperature sensors (pyrometers and thermocouples)
  • Thermal inertia of the sample: wafer or susceptor
  • Response time of the halogen lamps (varies with power)
  • Response time of the power control to avoid lamp twinkling and temperature oscillations
  • Temperature level of the process
  • Pressure inside the process chamber (vacuum or atmosphere)
  • Thermal conductivity of the process gases (nitrogen of hydrogen for example)
The Annealsys RTP furnaces use a state of the art fast digital PID temperature controller especially developed by Annealsys to provide accurate temperature whatever the process conditions.