RTP / RTCVD processes

Rapid thermal process can be divided in three different classes of application: resident reaction, surface interaction, deposition (RTCVD)

RTP processes

The first type of processes can be called resident reactions, wherein heat is applied to modify already existing materials structure in or on the wafer with no addition of external materials. Typical processes of resident reactions are:
  • Implant annealing
  • Ohmic contact annealing
  • Diffusion of dopants
  • Densification and crystallization
The second class of processes may be called surface interaction in which the heat causes modification of the wafer surface by gases brought to it. Unlike in the first category, material in the form of a reactive gas is added during the heating process. Examples are:
  • Oxidation
  • Nitridation
  • Selenization
  • Silicon carbonization