Annealsys RTP / RTCVD reactor technology

Advantages of cold wall chamber technology and Annealsys reactor design:
  • High process reproducibility
  • Low memory effect (Process chamber remains at the same temperature)
  • Higher cooling rates
  • Ultra clean and contamination-free environment
  • No metallic and no cross contamination
  • Accurate pyrometer temperature measurement (no signal from the lamps)
  • Low temperature pyrometer control (down to 150?C or less)
  • Fast digital PID temperature controller
  • Multi zone cross lamp furnace (AS-Premium & AS-Master)
  • Gas mixing capability
  • Uniform gas distribution over the sample
  • Atmospheric and standard vacuum capability, option turbo pump
  • Minimum volume, reduced surface for high vacuum performance
  • Easy chamber cleaning
  • Fast cooling optional feature 
These features provide a high versatility of our systems and offer the widest range of Rapid Thermal Processing applications including resident reaction, surface interaction and deposition processes. It also allows the capability to anneal thermally sensitive substrates.

The cold wall chamber, the extended temperature range as well as the high vacuum capabilities offer the possibility to process high temperature resistant substrates (GaN, SiC, ceramics) as well as temperature sensitive substrates like polymers.