AS-Premium Rapid thermal processing system with square chamber

The AS-Premium is a multiconfiguration RTP platform that can process silicon and compound semiconductor wafers up 150 mm diameter or square. The system can be used for R&D applications with manual loading and for production applications with cassette to cassette atmospheric robot loading or a vacuum cluster tool.

The AS-Premium double side heating has been developed for annealing compound semiconductor wafers using silicon carbide coated susceptors.

  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
  • Implant annealing
  • Contact annealing (III-V and SiC)
  • Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
  • Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN)
  • Annealing of piezoelectric and pyroelectric materials
  • Getter activation
  • Rapid Thermal Evaporation (RTE)
  • Selenization (CIGS solar cells)
  • Sol-gel densification and crystallization
  • Etc.

The AS-Premium reactor with the loadlock and turbo pumps provide oxygen free environment for silicon smoothening and other oxygen sensitive processes.

The Annealsys AS-Premium system can process samples up to 150 mm diameter or 156x156 mm² .

The reactor platform and the machine have been designed to accommodate a wide range of configurations to meet customers’ requirements in terms of process.

The chamber can receive a single side or a double side lamp heating furnace. The design of the process chamber allows manual loading and the connection to a cluster tool or a glove box (options).

Pyrometer and thermocouple temperature control are standard features. The fast digital PID temperature controller provides high temperature reproducibility.

Graphite and silicon carbide coated graphite susceptors are available for processing of samples with encapsulation.

The square process chamber of the AS-Premium makes it suitable for processing photovoltaic substrates up to 6-inch by 6-inch.

  • Temperature range: RT to 1200°C (depending upon version)
  • Ramp rate up to 100°C/s
  • Gas mixing capability with mass flow controllers
  • Vacuum range: Atmosphere to 10-6 Torr

The AS-Premium chamber can be provided with manual loading, loadlock loading or cassette to cassette loading including vacuum cluster tool.

  • Furnace and loading configurations
  • Graphite and silicon carbide coated susceptors
  • Rough vacuum pump and turbo pump, turbo pump
  • Automatic pressure control with throttle valve
  • Fast cooling system