Annealsys is a leading manufacturer of RTP and DLI -CVD / DLI -ALD systems for research production applications in the fields of silicon and compound semiconductors, nanotechnologies, MEMS, solar cells, glass, etc.

Since 2004 Annealsys designs and manufactures high quality and high performance Rapid Thermal Processing and Direct Liquid Injection deposition systems for worldwide laboratories and companies.

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About Annealsys

Annealsys manufactures Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) and chemical vapor deposition (CVD/ALD) systems. Our customers are Research and Development laboratories and companies for production applications. The privately owned company Annealsys was established in 2004 in Montpellier, South of France. Annealsys provides outstanding technical and process customer service through a worldwide sales and service organization.

Our philosophy involves:

- Building up a long-term relationship with our customers

- Provide high reliability and high quality tools

- Insure low cost of ownership

- Offer support and service excellence

To achieve this goal, we set up a worldwide sales and customer service network.

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- Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP)

- Rapid Thermal Chemical Vapor Deposition (RTCVD)

- Direct Liquid Injection chemical vapor deposition (DLI-CVD)

- Direct Liquid Injection Atomic Layer Deposition (DLI-ALD)

Annealsys proposes specific solutions for development of Rapid Thermal Selenization process.

The systems are proposed from a catalogue range of products and can be customized upon request to meet customer's applications.

Applications: Silicon and Compound Semiconductors, MEMS, Solar Cells, Glass …


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