AS-Micro Economical 3-inch Rapid thermal processing system

Economical 3-inch RTP system for laboratories and education.
Dual chamber version to avoid cross contamination issues.
Optional glove box interface

The AS-Micro can perform various rapid thermal annealing processes at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum.

  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
  • Implant annealing
  • Ohmic contact annealing
  • Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
  • Rapid Thermal Nitridation (RTN)
  • Rapid Thermal Evaporation (RTE)
  • Densification and crystallization
  • Diffusion of dopants
  • Etc.

The most powerful 3-inch rapid thermal processor for universities

The AS-Micro is a compact table top three-inch rapid thermal processor with vacuum capability dedicated to research applications. It can process substrates from few square millimeters up to 3-inch diameter or square. Optional susceptors are available to hold small samples and to process substrates with low infrared absorption.

The quartz tube process chamber with stainless steel flanges and tubular infrared halogen lamps furnace allows running processes up to 1250°C with very fast ramp rates (> 250°C/s). The state of the art temperature controller provides accurate temperature control.

The horizontal motion door with quartz tray provides easy access for loading and unloading of the wafers and thermocouple installation.

The furnace provides the highest ramp rate up to 250°C/s for 2-inch wafers

  • Temperature range: RT to 1250°C
  • Ramp rate up to 250°C/s on 2-inch diameter silicon substrate, 200°C/s on 3-inch
  • Gas mixing capability with mass flow controllers
  • Vacuum range: Atm to 10-2 Torr (10-6 Torr with optional turbo pump)
  • Thermocouple temperature control with fast digital PID temperature controller
  • Optional pyrometer control
  • Full PC control with Windows compatible software

Optional features are available for high temperature applications and high vacuum capabilities

  • Pyrometer temperature control
  • Graphite and silicon carbide coated susceptors
  • Rough vacuum pump, Turbo pump
  • Downstream pressure control with throttle valve