Annealsys Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) reactor technology

DLI-CVD is the most efficient technology for the deposition of new materials. It  provides unique vaporization capabilitiies and the possibilty to deposit most of the elements of the periodic table.

Annealsys DLI machines are equipped with direct liquid injection vaporizers for the utilization of the widest range of chemicals including low vapor pressure and thermally unstable precursors. These machines offer multi process capabilities inside the same process chamber: CVD, ALD, MOCVD, pulse pressure CVD, RTP, RTCVD.
These unique features offer unlimited capabilities for the development of new materials.

Applications: Optical waveguides, Optical coating, MIMS capacitors, microwave integrated circuit, Superconductors, ferroelectric memories, Bioactive and biocompatible coatings, Thermal and anticorrosion barriers, Micro batteries

The Direct Liquid Injection Technology and Annealsys reactor design offer a number of advantages:
  • Multi process capability: CVD, ALD, pulse pressure CVD, RTP
  • Low cost of ownership, low maintenance requirements
  • Thermalized walls technology, deposition only on substrate
  • Reactor by-pass (interface control)
  • Optimized integration of DLI vaporizers
  • State of the art liquid panels for efficient precursor management
  • Perfect control of precursor flow (control of the liquid flow)
  • Utilization of thermally unstable chemical precursors
  • Utilization of low vapor pressure chemical precursors (solids)
  • Utilization of diluted chemical precursors (safer utilization)
  • Accurate control of doping level
  • Fast vapor switch on/off
Example of deposited materials:
  • Oxydes: BaO,  Y2O3,  Cr2O3,  TiO2,  Al2O3,  HfO2,  Li2O,  SiO2, LIPON, Bi2O3, Co3O4, CuCrO2, SiO2,  LiNbO3, LaNiO3, SiZrOx, SrTiO3, BaTiO3, MovCrwFexBiyOz
  • 2D materials: Graphene, h-BN, TMDs (MoS2, WS2, etc.)
  • Metals: Pt, Mo, W, Ru.
  • Nitrides: TiN, AlN