Jipelec JetFirst 300 300 mm RTP tool

The JetFirst 300 is a 300 mm cold wall chamber rapid thermal annealing system.
It has gas mixing and vacuum capability as standard features.

Rapid Thermal Annealing system

  • Rapid Thermal Annealing (RTA)
  • Implant annealing
  • Ohmic contact annealing
  • Rapid Thermal Oxidation (RTO)
  • Densification and crystallization
  • Diffusion of dopants
  • Etc.

The JetFirst system has been specially developed to meet the requirements of Universities, R&D center and small-scale production unit.

The frame design allows an easy installation in the customer facilities. 

The JetFirst chamber reactor allows receiving sample up to 12” diameter. The 12” reactor chamber is designed and optimized for 8” sample.  Concretely the 12” wafer treatment is mainly dedicated for R&D purpose (like 12” wafer sampling, …).

The JetFirst system is using two temperature measurement sensors: optical pyrometer and thermocouple. These sensors are provided in standard with the system. The Jipelec system allows making an accurate and easy calibration of the optical pyrometer for the customer samples.

Our fast PID system provides an accurate and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range. Furthermore, our software includes an autotuning procedure allowing an easy definition of the PID parameters for the customer process

Temperature range: ambient to 1200?C
Thermocouple control: ambient to 1000?C
Temperature pyrometer: 150?C to 1200?C
Max instantaneous heat rate: 150?C/s
Temperature repeatability:  +/- 1?C