Annealsys introduces pulse annealing

Feb. 09, 2022

Annealsys expands the capabilities of its fast annealing furnaces with the ability to work under vacuum, reduced pressure or secondary vacuum and in a wide temperature range.

At the request of its customers Annealsys has developed a pulsed annealing mode in order to anneal layers that are deposited on thermally sensitive substrates.

Thanks to Annealsys cold wall furnace technology, the substrate can be cooled by the back side while heating the upper surface with a gradient of several hundred degrees between the two faces of the substrate.

The temperature controller developed by Annealsys allows defining a peak power profile with a temporal resolution of 10 ms. Although the process is carried out in an open loop, the power converters specially developed to power the lamps provide excellent reproducibility.

This solution makes it possible to envisage the development of new methods of fast annealing.