Annealsys - ONERA joint development program for h-BN / graphene hetero structures

Nov. 25, 2020

Since 2018 Annealsys and ONERA are involved in a joint development program for the synthesis of boron nitride and of graphene - boron nitride hetero-structures by a vapor deposition technique assisted by infrared lamps (RTCVD).

The joint development program’s aim is the industrialization of the process for depositing thin films of boron nitride and hetero structures of graphene boron nitride on large substrates up to 100 mm in diameter. An Annealsys AS-One 100 HT RTCVD and RTALD reactor has been installed at ONERA for the process development.

The Graphene 2020, graphene and 2D material virtual conference was the opportunity to present the results of the recent development of a two-steps CVD synthesis of Boron Nitride Islands on polycrystalline nickel substrate. The results are available on the ePoster presented by Laure Tailpied (Ph.D. Student at LEM, the UMR ONERA-CNRS) and attached to this news release.