Annealsys ships RTP system for production of 5G components

Apr. 17, 2019

Montpellier, France, April 17, 2019

 Annealsys has developed innovative and state of the art RTP systems for the processing of compound semiconductor wafers from 3-inch up to 200 mm. The AS-Premium is an extremely versatile RTP platform that can be used from process development with manual loading up to large scale production with cassette to cassette loading.

We have developed special robot handling solutions to install wafers into susceptor boxes and load them into the AS-Premium system under vacuum.

The first system with fully automatic vacuum loading has been shipped to one of our customers in Asia for the manufacturing of 5G components.

See the video of the system presentation

Vacuum and atmospheric loading solutions are available for our AS-Premium and AS-Master RTP machines.

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About Annealsys:

Founded in 2004 Annealsys and with more than 280 installed worldwide is a leading manufacturer of Rapid Thermal Processing and Direct Liquid Injection Deposition systems. We are supplying number of companies for the manufacturing of MEMS, sensors, optoelectronics, telecommunication, power and discrete devices. Many famous laboratories worldwide are using our machines for the development of future semiconductor, photovoltaic and nanotechnologies components. Our philosophy involves building up a long-term relationship with our customers, providing high reliability and high quality tools, insuring low cost of ownership and offering outstanding customer support and service. To achieve this, we have created a worldwide network with trained engineers for sales and service.

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