100 mm (4-inch) DLI-ALD / DLI-ALD Reactor for R&D.

  • Simple and multi-metallic oxides
  • Metals, nitrides and alloys
  • III-V, wide band gap semiconductors
  • 2D and 3D materials
  • Etc.

The Annealsys MC-100 system is a 100 mm DLI-CVD / DLI-ALD reactor developed for research and development applications.

The process chamber double configuration makes possible to perform CVD and ALD processes inside the same process chamber.

The Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) vaporizers provide perfect control of precursor flow and allow utilization of low vapor pressure and diluted chemical precursors. The fast switching of the precursor vapor flows associated with the by-pass valve provide perfect interface control for deposition of nanolaminates.

The automated liquid panel has been optimized for reduced consumption of chemical precursors. The no dead volume design provides full rising capability for easy change of chemicals and refilling of the precursor tanks in a glove box.

  • Temperature range: RT to 800°C
  • Up to 4 vaporizers
  • Gas mixing capability with mass flow controllers
  • Vacuum range: Atmosphere to 10-3 Torr

  • Rough vacuum pump, Turbo pump
  • Motorized vacuum loadlock loading
  • ALD kit for water vapor delivery

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