Rehabilitating a burned forest

Sep. 22, 2021

Rehabilitating a burned forest
We are a group of a dozen company located in the Eureka park and for several years we have been meeting to work on a common project. Engaged and motivated to act concretely on the environment of our region and to limit the contribution to carbon emissions, we chose to participate since 2018 in the rehabilitation of the state forest of la Gardiole.

In 2021, the companies and associations Annealsys, Aromandise, APF Entreprises 34, Capelec et UDAF34 are rallying with NFO via the NFO-act for the forest fund, as part of its «Planting for Tomorrow» program. The aim is to repeat the operation to replenish the planting holes left empty, optimizing the work already done and reusing the game protection.