The Phoenix uses proprietary precursor delivery system to deposit films on surfaces.
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The Phoenix is engineered for high throughput and maximum uptime in any fabrication environment, from pilot production to industrial-grade manufacturing. Technologists and researchers rely on the Phoenix for repeatable, highly accurate film deposition on flat and 3D substrates alike. And with support for up to six individual precursor lines, the Phoenix delivers solid, liquid, or gaseous process chemistries depending on your thin film needs. A compact footprint and innovative design, plus numerous automation options, makes Phoenix the practical choice for those with batch production ALD requirements.

Key features include:

Accurate software control of process parameters, including temperature, flow and pressure, for defect-free coatings on even the most sensitive substrates

Patented ALD Shield™ vapor trap to prevent build-up of deposits and minimizes excess process gases from being exhausted into the environment

Large process chamber coats up to ten GEN 2.5 substrates, multiple wafer cassettes and larger 3D objects

Low cost of ownership with minimal startup and operational costs

Compact footprint that saves valuable clean room space

Standard recipes and ALD materials readily available

Comprehensive support and services worldwide from team of PhD scientists

CE, FCC and CSA compliant with many built-in safety features.