Ultratech products


Atomic layer deposition (ALD) has several advantages over other techniques due to the actual mechanism used to deposit thin film coatings. ALD is especially effective at coating ultra high aspect ratio substrates.
Savannah (©annealsys.com 2016)Savannah
A platform of choice for those doing ALD research and development.
Phoenix (©annealsys.com 2016)Phoenix
The Phoenix uses proprietary precursor delivery system to deposit films on surfaces.

ALD Plasma

Ultratech has designed the Fiji Plasma (ICP) source to provide excellent film uniformity with minimal substrate damage. In association with the thermal ALD mode and the Exposure™ mode the Fiji is the perfect tool to address the widest range of ALD processes.
Fiji (©annealsys.com 2016)Fiji
Fiji F200 series is the Cambridge NanoTech most advanced ALD research and development system.