Second-hand AS-One 150

This second hand AS-One 150 RTP system is perfect status. The system has been used for production for 15 years until our customer purchased a bigger RTP furnace to increase his production capacity.

The furnace is a 150 mm RTP tool with cold wall chamber and a temperature range up to 1200C. It is equipped with a low temperature range pyrometer (up to 1100C) but can be upgrade with a high temperature range pyrometer.
The machine has one purge gas line and one process gas line with mass flow controller and can receive 2 additional gas lines.

The machine has vacuum and high vacuum capability with a turbo pump (status of the pump to be confirmed).

It comes with full PC control.

Power supply: 3x400V + N + Ground

Year: 2006

Availability: 12/08/2021
Actual location: Annealsys France