Our Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) / Rapid Thermal CVD (RTCVD) systems can process samples from few mm² up to 200 mm diameter. These versatile machines can performed a wide range of processes from contact annealing to chemical vapor deposition of graphene or h-BN.
More about RTP / RTCVD processes
AS-Micro main (©annealsys.com 2016)AS-Micro
Economical 3-inch RTP system for laboratories and education.Dual chamber version to avoid cross contamination issues.
AS-One (©annealsys.com 2016)AS-One
Versatile Rapid Thermal Processing cold wall chamber furnaces. 4-inch (100 mm) and 6-inch (150 mm) versions.
AS-Premium (©annealsys.com 2016)AS-Premium
RTP system with square chamber for substrates up to 156 mm x156 mm. Multiple system configurations.
AS-Master (©annealsys.com 2016)AS-Master
Versatile 200 mm RTP/RTCVD system from Research to Production. From RT up to 1450°C down to 10-6 Torr. Extended RTCVD capabilities (option).