Annealsys proposes innovative direct liquid injection deposition systems that can be use to perform deposition in ALD and CVD mode inside the same chamber and using the widest range of liquid and solid chemical precursors.
More about DLI processes
MC-050 (©annealsys.com 2016)MC-050
Laboratory 2-inch DLI system.Multi-process capability in the same chamber: DLI-CVD, DLI-ALD, MOCVD, RTP, RTCVD.
MC-100 (©annealsys.com 2016)MC-100
100 mm (4-inch) DLI-ALD / DLI-ALD Reactor for R&D.
MC-200 (©annealsys.com 2016)MC-200
The Annealsys MC-200 is a 200 mm DLI-CVD/ALD system for R&D.Capacitance plasma version is available.