Annealsys partner of RIF project

Sep. 17, 2018

Annealsys partner of RIF project

Montpellier, France, September 17, 2018

Annealsys is partner of the starting RIF (Innovative Functional Coatings for Plastics) project. This is a 3 years FUI (single inter-governmental fund) project.

On the basis of chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology, the RIF project proposes the development and industrial demonstration of the organometallic injection process (MO-CVD) with the ambition of developing barrier coatings. thermal, anticorrosive and biocidal products for aeronautical and medical industrial applications.

The main assets brought by this project are increased energy savings, tool durability and health safety. This major project (€ 4.3M budget), which includes 12 partners, will be led by an industrial coordination committee. It will also be supported by the German cluster KIMW (Kunststoff Institute of Lüdenscheid), which is working on these topics at the same time and with which cooperation is taking place. Of the 12 partners included in this project 8 are industrial companies.

In the frame of this project, Annealsys will develop a DLI-CVD machine and processes for the coating of complex 3D parts.

With the support of the competitiveness clusters: Aerospace Valley and Plastipolis                              

About Annealsys:

Annealsys is a leading manufacturer of RTP and DLI-CVD / DLI-ALD systems for research and production applications in the fields of silicon and compound semiconductors, nanotechnologies, MEMS, solar cells, glass, etc. Annealsys has developed a range of RTP systems with high temperature and high vacuum capabilities. We have developed solutions for the annealing of thermally sensitive substrates. Direct Liquid Injection (DLI) CVD and ALD systems offer the highest process versatility for development of new materials and especially multi-metallic complex oxides and 2D materials.

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