Annealsys involved in Pro-CIGS project

Apr. 03, 2012

Annealsys involved in Pro-CIGS project

Montpellier, France, March 21, 2012.

The Pro-CIGS project aims is to develop a turnkey production system for manufacturing solar cells based on CIGS compound.

The fabrication process is strongly innovative compare to the current commercial solutions that are available on the market. The technology associated to the equipment will have two advantages in addition to a yield in the same range than with polysilicon: a reduced cost of ownership and a lower capital investment.

Projects partners: Alliance Concept, CEA-LITEN and Annealsys.

The project in funded by French government (FUI funds) and supported by three competitiveness clusters: Arve Industries, Derbi and Tenerrdis.

Contact: Franck Laporte


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