Luva Systems distributor of RTP and DLI-CVD systems for Annealsys in China.

Luva System is a incorporated in California in 2001 and has its principal office in the heart of Silicon Valey at Santa Clara.

We are a representative company for various equipment manufacturers, servicing customers in China including Hong Kong and Macau.

Led by the Semicon field veteran Roger Luo, Luva System is a global supplier of leading-edge systems for use in material research and device manufacturing, specifically,

1) material growth such as RTCVD and DLI systems (Annealsys), PECVD (Axic), electroplating (Wafab/Kinectics), etc.

2) material processing such as RTP (Annealsys), RIE (Axic), Coating & Developing track (C&D Semi), lift-off (C&D Semi), CMP and grinding (Revasum), wet bench (Wafab/Kinectics), full range temperature dewar (MMR), wire bonding (TPT), wafer bonding and die singulation (Dynatex), etc.

3) material characterization and metrology such as resistivity measurement (4Dimensions 4PP and Lehighton contactless), mobility measurement (MMR Hall and Lehighton contactless), C-V/I-V measurement (4Dimensions and MDC), Seebeck measurement (MMR), dielectric film thickness measurement (Semilab), thin film stress measurement (FSM), etc

Our team includes industrial talents including multiple Ph.D graduates. Our commitment to innovation and excellence is reflected in our catalog of industry-leading products.