High Temperature RTP-CVD furnace up to 2000°C up to one hour.

  • Silicon Carbide implantation annealing
  • Graphene by high temperature SiC sublimation
  • CVD of graphene
  • High temperature annealing

The Zenith-100 system can process samples up to 4-inch diameter at temperature up to 2000°C. It is specially developed to meet the requirements of universities research laboratories.

The system has a stainless steel water-cooled chamber. The cold wall chamber technology provides significant advantages: high process reproducibility, low memory effect, higher cooling rates.

The high temperature tungsten heaters provide enhanced temperature uniformity. The system is not compatible with oxidizing atmosphere and the installation of a turbo pump is mandatory.

Both pyrometer and thermocouple temperature measurement are standard features. The fast digital PID temperature controller provides high and stable temperature repeatability (± 1°C). The system assures accurate and repeatable thermal control across the temperature range.

The design process chamber provides easy loading and unloading of the substrates and the installation of the thermocouples.

  • Up to 2000°C
  • Heating rate: room temperature to 2000°C in 10 minutes
  • High vacuum
  • Vacuum, neutral gas and reducing process atmosphere

  • Graphite and silicon carbide coated susceptors
  • Rough vacuum pump and turbo pump, turbo pump
  • Automatic pressure control with throttle valve

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